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Mainstream - Scooby Doo! Music of the Vampire

Scooby Doo! Music of the Vampire

Warner Home Video 2012
78 minutes

Zoinks! The Scooby gang sings! That is not a good thing. Scooby Doo! Music of the Vampire is an original 78-minute family DVD. Though the young ones will probably enjoy this cartoon, older fans and much older fans will find the 3-D-ish animation ordinary at best and the singing scarier than any monster the Mystery Machine gang has ever dealt with.

The Scooby gang rides the vampire bandhearse with this one. Velma takes Shaggy, Scooby, Fred, and Daphne to a Vampire Palooza somewhere in Louisiana. There they meet the only unsuccessful vampire book author, a descendant of  the original Van Helsing. Vampire Palooza is not doing very well. Something of course happens to attract visitors.

  The Complete Series with Mystery Machine

This something is the release of an ancient vampire lord from the sealed coffin he was resting in. Insert usual Scooby Doo development and chase scenes here.

Insert usual Scooby Doo solve at the end.

This family DVD has a few moments older Scooby Doo fans will find comic. One is when Velma almost runs over a vampire who then says, “Hey. I’m stalking here. I’m stalking here!” Another is that the Moral Majority leader is Mr. Poubelle (Garbage).

The only thing worse than the singing here is the accent given to the Van Helsing character.

Scooby Doo! Music of the Vampire is not that good a family DVD but the kiddies should enjoy it well enough.

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