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Mainstream - My Cat From Hell Season 2 - Animal Planet Tuesdays 7:00

My Cat From Hell Season 2 - Animal Planet Tuesdays 7:00

My Cat From Hell Season 2
Animal Planet
Begins Tuesday April 3rd 7 p.m.

Season 2 of My Cat From Hell begins Tuesday April 3rd at 7 p.m. on Animal Planet. Jackson Galaxy, (author of Cat Daddy: What the Most Incorrigible Cat Taught Me About Life, Love, and Coming Clean) is a cat whisperer of sorts. He goes into houses with a dysfunctional feline, identifies the issues at hand, and finds solutions so owners / humans and cats can live together happily ever after.

Though My Cat From Hell is very interesting, this is not a show that should be shared if one is a cat fancier and the other is not. A cat fancier will easily understand why the people persist in trying to make the cat able to live with them. A non cat fancier will often wonder why these owners don’t just give up and get rid of the cat (please, no nasty emails).

The first episode of season 2 features two cats. Larry is a female who scratches and attacks both her owners. She has become so much of a point of contention that the guy will not marry the girl unless something is done about the cat. Galaxy in and his solution is so simple you just have to go DUH!

More difficult is Ruby. Ruby gets along well with the guy but not well at all with the lady of the house. Also, Ruby is a problem because she scares the lady’s clients. It has gotten to a point where the lady is jealous of the relationship her husband has with the cat and feels left out.

With this case Jackson Galaxy is more believable a cat problem solver. His explanations for the problems are perceptive and his solutions not that obvious but clearly end up working.

If you are a two TV house, I suggest the cat fancier watch this Animal Planet show Tuesdays at 7 p.m. starting April 3rd. The other human can watch Dog Whisperer.

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