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Mainstream - Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Blu-ray DVD Combo

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close Blu-ray DVD Combo

Thomas Horn, Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock
Directed by Stephen Daldry
Warner Home Video 2012 129 minutes

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close is one of those movies that works if you are in the mood for a slow paced, somewhat complex story set in post 9/11. The acting, especially that of Thomas Horn as the eleven year-old main character is excellent and so is the story. This personal quest drama is probably a bit too long for its own good though as some of the minor scenes are a bit repetitive.

Oskar (Horn) is a young boy with some kind of social block like Asperger or a mild form of autism. To get him out and about and help him socialize his dad (Tom Hanks) created mysteries and adventures for him to solve.

A year after 9/11 Oskar finds a key in a vase in his father’s closet. Thinking it is an element to the mystery they were working on when his dad passed away Oskar tries to find out what the key opens. His only clue is the name Black. Solving the riddle is important as it is what ties him to his father.

Sandra Bullock gives an excellent subdued performance as Oskar’s mom.

Special features for Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close DVD are a feature about finding the young actor. The Blu-ray also has a Making Of, a features on the 9/11 photo wall, and a feature about Max Von Sydow.

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