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Documentary - The Story of Rock N Roll Comics

The Story of Rock N Roll Comics

Documentary DVD
MVD Visual 2012
80 minutes + extras

Todd Lauren was “a dislikeable fellow, a lovely guy” who was found stabbed fifteen times in his apartment in 1992. The Story of Rock N’ Roll Comics is an interesting, offbeat, and disorganized documentary DVD about Todd Lauren and the comic book company he created. If you are a comic book aka “graphic novel” fan or a rock fan, you are going to want this DVD in your collection. Otherwise, it is a curiosity.

Lauren was the founder of Revolutionary Comics and publisher of the Rock N’ Roll Comics, unauthorized and proud of it stories of bands like the Rolling Stones, Guns N Roses, and so on. Various writers and artists associated with the company and the books, his father, and archival footage of Lauren in some other documentary tell the story of a guy who was an asshole-genius-mentor-leech.

The documentary’s great flaw is how messy it is. Director Ilko Davidov is unable to focus on a particular point for more than a minute. It is also a bit thin so things get to be overexamined and repeated. There is also the fact just about everyone in it is ambivalent about its subject and not necessarily always good at putting together a fully coherent thought, “He (Lauren) was a lovely person to do business with. Obviously I wasn’t in it for the money.”

Since rock is involved here it follows you get some very weird stories and people like Alice Cooper or Cynthia Plaster Caster, famous for making plaster casts of rock stars’favorite … instrument

There are also some major canards like Lauren being a defender of the First Amendment when in fact he was just defending himself in court after being sued for the unauthorized stories he was publishing about Motley Crue, The Beatles, and so on.

This documentary DVD features two hours of extras including extended interviews, commercials and news stories, and a pretty cool cover art gallery. There is also a booklet inside with articles on Lauren and the covers.

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