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Mainstream - Shame - Blu-ray DVD

Shame - Blu-ray DVD

Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan
Directed by Steve McQueen
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

The only interesting character in Shame is a somewhat nervous waiter halfway through it. Shame is best known for a couple of nude scenes, something that seems to be noteworthy to some, or for being about a sex addict and it is all this movie will ever be known for. This drama Blu-ray or DVD is mostly pseudostyle and little substance.

Fassbender plays Brandon, a thirty-something businessman who is a bit of a sex addict. His sister Sissy (Carey Mulligan) shows up unannounced and this disturbs his routine. That is pretty much it aside from the fact Sissy is also quite sexually active.

Little is revealed about Brandon or Sissy beyond the bare essentials. No doubt this is a “cool” “au courant” aspect of  Shame. The consequence is you don’t give a shit about these characters or their story.

Shame: That was a waste of time.

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