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Action - Chronicle Blu-ray DVD

Chronicle Blu-ray DVD

Dane DeHaan, Alex Russell, Michael B. Jordan
Directed by Josh Trank
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

Chronicle is a very cool SF / action movie It uses ye olde guy filming everything on his camera as a set up but mostly gets away with that. The story development is original though the asteroid giving weird powers premise is borrowed from half a dozen superhero and three dozen outer space monster movies. Overall, Chronicle is just long enough at 84 minutes (thought he Blu-ray features the Director’s Cut) and a keeper, especially for the teen crowd.

Andrew is a high school kid like any other except his dad is a drunk and his mother very ill. He decides to film what is going on. His buddy and cousin Matt brings him to a party and there they hook up with future class president Steve. Steve and Matt find a crater and get Steve to investigate with them. There is something very space alien in the crater. A few days later the guys find they have some rather interesting telekinetic powers.

One of the reasons Chronicle works is it makes sense in its buildup. It is easy to believe the first thing teen boys would do with a power is pull practical jokes on people and later, after their abilities have grown, play a bit of high altitude football. It also subtly sets up later developments.

The camera footage thing gets a bit heavy handed near the end with the use of security camera shots.

The finale is great though it is sometimes hard to tell who is who.

Special features for Chronicle Blu-ray DVD are lame.

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