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Action - Iron Man - Marvel Animated Series

Iron Man - Marvel Animated Series

Marvel Animated Series
12 episodes 2 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012

The Marvel Animated Series Iron Man is quite good though not as cool as the X-Men series. Those who like their cartoons closer to anime will certainly appreciate the style but I have never liked the round-eye with a window-pane inside the iris Japanese approach to characters. The stories are quite good though I am not enough of an Iron Man fan to say if or where they fit in the mytharc. The Marvel Series features 12 episodes on 2 DVD.

This cartoon being produced in Japan and going for anime style it makes sense that most of the action takes place in Japan. The biggest difference in terms of the main character from what else I have seen is this Iron Man is a bit of a sleazebag when it comes to women, and a bit of a schmuck in general Clip of the original Iron Man cartoon

The first episode is a two-parter that introduces recurring characters and the villain, a scorpion like robot associated with a criminal organization called Zodiac. The rest of the series features linked stories revolving around that villain and its nefarious plans.

Doctor Who fans will find the Dalek-like service robots in episode 6quite amusing. Episode 6, where a computer virus takes over everything including Iron Man is especially good and features one of the more interesting fight scenes animation wise.

The finale features too many bots to my liking but some developments are quite cool. The fembots is also on the hot side.

Iron Man The Marvel Animated Series features excellent English voice work. The subtitles come in two options and usually differ from what is being said and between each other.

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