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Action - X-Men - Marvel Animated Series

X-Men - Marvel Animated Series

Emma Frost, Professor X, Wolverine
2 DVD 12 Episodes
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2012

The animation for the X-Men Marvel Animated Series is more polished and also more action oriented and spectacular than Iron Man, the other release in the series. This is not only because of the nature of the superheroes involved or the overall story arc in these two Japanese produced anime style cartoons. The writing and acting is rather heavy handed at times but the animation and overall story make up for it. X-Men Marvel Animated Series DVD set features 12 episodes on 2 discs.

The X-Men go to Japan after young Hisako is kidnapped. There they learn an anti-mutant group, the U-Men (cute, eh?), have been especially active in an area of Japan. The U-Men also take a mutant’s organs so as to get the Mutant power. Will the X-Men solve the kidnappings and rescue young Hisako. Is the recent death of Jean Grey, a team member related to current events?

Of course there is going to be a showdown.

The X-Men featured here are Wolverine, Beast, Cyclops, and Storm as well as Professor X of course. A new team member, a girl who turns into a weird looking Astro Boy / Yu Gi Oh creature, is also introduced. A nemesis may be an ally this time around.

The X-Men Marvel Animated Series is very action packed. A lot of it is done at night or in caves, making the animation hard to appreciate.

Male fans will immediately notice all X-Women have ginormous ta-tas.

As always, the characters have those weird round eyes with white window panes common to anime.

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