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Foreign Film - France - Queen of Hearts - La reine des pommes

France - Queen of Hearts - La reine des pommes

Written and Directed by
Valerie Donzelli
France 2010
Film Movement 2012 84 minutes

Queen of Hearts / La reine des pommes is the June 2012 offering from Film Movement. If you enjoy foreign film DVD, you really should check out their website www.filmmovement.com as it features quite a few excellent choices off the beaten path. This French romantic comedy is one of their quirkiest and most charming DVD yet. If you like non-verbose French films with a bit of je ne sais quoi, Queen of Hearts is a good bet.

Writer-director Valerie Donzelli plays recently dumped and broken hearted Adele. Adele ends up crashing at her cousin’s apartment until she can get mend her broken heart. She eventually meets an art student, a married man, a flasher, and a man who entices her into a few mild sexual games. All these roles are played by Jeremie Elkaim.

The charm in this foreign film romantic comedy lies entirely with Donzelli and her character. Donzelli has a knack for writing short, funny scenes, a talent for physical comedy, a tendency to break into song and dance. Adele is a bit nunuche but that only makes her more endearing.

The ending is a bit odd. Then again, I am not quite sure why the original title is La reine des pommes.

Like all Film Movement DVD, this one features a short: Luis and Maria Work Together. Odd.

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