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Action - This Means War - Reese Witherspoon

This Means War - Reese Witherspoon

Directed by McG
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

This Means War is a fun action romcom starring Reese Witherspoon as the love interest of two CIA agents who pull (a few but not enough) stops in an effort to win her heart. There are not many girl meets boy movies both men and women can enjoy but this is one of them. The acting is excellent, the writing is much better than what you normally get in this kind of Blu-ray or DVD, and the characters are original and interesting. The one weak point to This Means War is it does not quite live up to an excellent premise.

Witherspoon plays thirty-something single gal Lauren, head of a product research firm. Her gal pal (Chelsea Handler) sets her up with an internet date with CIA spy Tuck. Lauren then runs into Tuck’s partner FDR and he becomes interested in her too after she totally slams him and his lady killer approach to women. Tuck and FDR discover they are interested in the same girl and establish ground rules both almost immediately break in a contest to win Lauren.

It takes some forty minutes to set everything up. This is a bit long. It is mostly worth the wait. You do get the feeling This Means War could have been much more interesting and funny had it not pulled so many of its technological / spy stuff punches.

Special features for This Means War Blu-ray DVD set include Alternate Endings; Bachelorette Party; Uncensored Gag Reel; Deleted Scenes;  Audio Commentary; Theater and Extended versions; and Trailer

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