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Mainstream - Blood, Sweat and Tears - Autobiography

Blood, Sweat and Tears - Autobiography

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Had I not seen David Clayton-Thomas give an incredible concert performance last fall, I would not likely have read his recently penned autobiography.  Not only does he continue to bring the house down,  the man can write!  Blood, Sweat and Tears is an apt title for the road this man has walked.  It’s amazing that he accomplished what he did, and became the person he is.  The book is a compelling read for fans and novices alike.

Son of a young, beautiful entertainer and a bona fide war hero, David was born in 1941during the Battle of Britain, significant for someone whose early life was tumultuous at best, violent at worst, yet he grew to be one of the most significant music rock icons Canada has to offer.  

Blood, Sweat and Tears chronicles his life, from moving to Canada at age 3, his desperate need to escape his intense family life, and a few short years later, a prison cell “that made hell look good”.  David often fantasized about being a rock star, and with serendipity taking an interesting form, it was in solitary confinement where he sang to maintain his sanity that he experienced a moment that changed his life forever.

David’s gritty, expressive voice became the symbol of the time. He sang and rubbed elbows with the best of the best, and experienced many significant events of rock history first hand.

Blood, Sweat and Tears traces Clayton-Thomas’ journey from a justifiably troubled and rebellious youth, to a humble man and talented writer.  Intense and honest, Clayton pulls no punches, revealing intimate and gut-wrenching details, including a moment of intense compassion amidst incredible chaos during a performance in Communist Romania.  It details the intertwining of his life, his loves, his passion, the legalities, politics, personnel and the almost inextricable ties to the band that catapulted him to fame.

Blood, Sweat and Tears is a powerful, and moving story of survival and success. David is amazing, and still going strong!

J Curran

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