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Mainstream - High School - In Theatres June 1st 2012

High School - In Theatres June 1st 2012

High School
Matt Bush, Sean Marquette
Directed by John Stalberg
Anchor Bay 2012
In Theatres June 1st 2012

High School opens in theatres June 1st 2012. If you like stoner movies, you are going to like this one. This comedy does not bring anything new to the genre but it is original enough and entertaining enough to be worth your while.

Henry (Bush) and Travis (Marquette) are childhood friends who went separate ways in high school. Henry is the school genius who will be valedictorian and go to MIT. Travis brings the high to Morgan High. He and his pals Dave and Dave are perpetually stoned. When school spelling bee champion Charlene Phuc loses her third championship because she is a little glazed, Principal Gordon (and yes, that is Michael Chiklis under that toupe) decides to submit all his students to a drug test.

Unfortunately, this is after Travis finally convinces Henry to take a puff. Now pals again, Henry and Travis decide the best way for Henry not to fail the drug test is to have everyone fail the drug test. To achieve this they replace the bake sale brownies with pot-laced ones.

Though fun, the results of an entire school being stoned out of its gourd are really underplayed here. This and the fact Henry and Travis are not especially interesting characters takes away some of the movie's energy.

Adrian Brody shows up as Psycho Ed, the pot guru from whom the guys stole the extra powerful pot. Psycho Ed is out for revenge but that too is underplayed.

High School really is a genre movie. If you are into this genre, you will enjoy it. If not, it is not really interesting enough to be worth the detour.

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