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Science Fiction - Arachnoquake - The Space Channel June 23rd 9 PM

Arachnoquake - The Space Channel June 23rd 9 PM
Tracey Gold, Edward Furlong
Made for TV 2012
Space Channel June 23rd 9 PM

Though made for TV in 2012, Arachnoquake is very much a throwback to sixties or early seventies low-budget monster movies. That is part of its cheesy charm. An earthquake in New Orleans unearths a race of sort of big spiders and the main characters must fight them off. This is the kind of movie creature feature fans salivate over. It airs Saturday June 23rd at 9 on the Space Channel.

The heroes are a high school science teacher (Tracey Gold of Growing Pains), her husband the baseball coach, a tour boat operator and his  daughter and ne'er do well son, a Cajun guy (for local color) and his two very inept and funny employees.

Arachnoquake consists in a series of scenes where the characters set out to explore New Orleans, encounter spiders and fight them off, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

The finale is classic low budget movie stuff. There are even a couple of scenes, such as where the spider queen is chasing the speedboat, that look almost purposefully cheap. It isn't but who cares.

For those who think monster movies should also be great fun, Arachnoquake is a must. Again, the Space Channel Saturday June 23rd 2012 9 PM

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