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Action - Jersey Shore Shark Attack - Space Channel June 9th 9 PM

Jersey Shore Shark Attack - Space Channel June 9th 9 PM
Jersey Shore Shark Attack
Saturday June 9th 9 PM
Space Channel

Jersey Shore TV series type characters meet nasty muscled-up sharks in Jersey Shore Shark Attack. This is an entertaining comedy – monster movie combination that makes the most of its low budget and the stereotypes it both spoofs and uses. This made-for-TV (SyFy) movie airs Saturday June 9th at 9 PM on the Space Channel. Fans of Jaws will recognize a couple of plot points like the mayor refusing to close the beach on the 4th of July.

Some entrepreneur is drilling pylons into the ocean. The shock waves unearth or wake-up or attract, it is not quite clear, monster sharks with white skin and red eyes. The sharks are smart and have a preference for Italian, especially guidos who have fallen in the water –because guidos can't swim. Three buddies try to warn the authorities while dealing the preppie kids also has its challenges.

There is a secondary story in Jersey Shore Shark Attack involving a business man who wants to wipe out some of guidoland to put up a golf course. He turns out to be the cause of the shark attack.

Will the guidos save the Jersey shore? How many big-haired girls will the sharks chomp on before it is too late?

Singer Joey Fatone has a small role and very brief role.

If you like slow-budget purposefully funny monster movies tune to the Space Channel at 9 PM on June 9th.

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