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Mainstream - Dallas - The New Series - Bravo! June 13th 9 PM

Dallas - The New Series - Bravo! June 13th 9 PM
John Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe
Premieres Bravo! June 13th 9 PM

Fans of the original Dallas might be waiting for the premiere of the new series with some trepidation. Fear not. The new Dallas is just as good as the old one. This is not a hipped up, teened-up version of the original which ran from 1978 to 1991. This is Dallas some twenty years later. Fans of the original will immediately recognize their beloved show. Those new to the series are in for a treat. Dallas airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on Bravo! starting June 13th

Dallas opens with the original series theme and intro. This time around the story centers on J.R.'s son John Ross and Bobby's son Christopher. The how opens with John Ross drilling on South Fork and finding the motherlode. This goes against Miss Ellie's wishes. Meanwhile Christopher has come up with an alternative fuel based on undersea methane reserves.

John Ross is going out with Christopher's old flame and childhood friend Elena (Jordana Brewster). Christopher is about to get engaged to Rebecca.

Bobby learns he has terminal cancer while J.R. Is clinically depressed. Things come to a head between John Ross and Bobby when the latter learns about the illegal drilling, kicks John Ross off South Fork, and tries to sell South Fork to a conservancy group. John Ross goes runnin' to his daddy and J.R. Only needed a reason to go up against Bobby to get out of his funk.

The twists at the end if the first episode of the new Dallas clearly show Bravo! has a hit on its hands. As John Ross says at the very end, “The fun is just beginning.”

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