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Action - Teen Wolf Season One

Teen Wolf Season One

Tyler Posey, Crystal Reed
3 DVD 12 Episodes
Fox Home Entertainment 2012

Loosely inspired from the Michael J Fox movie, Teen Wolf Season One is a teen oriented series that rides the vampire werewolf teens bandwagon. Fortunately, this MTV series is not just another hack job.  The show is pretty good and quite fun even if the writing is sometimes clumsy, the writers like to telegraph almost every punch, and some of the acting (especially Orny Adams as the coach and Colton Hayes as Jackson) is less than stellar. The DVD jacket mentions This series is “musically edited.”

When high school student and class clown Stiles overhears the cops are looking for a dead body in the woods he gets his best friend Scott to go with him to look for it. Stuff Happens and Scott is bitten by a strange creature. The next day Stiles makes jokes about wolves and werewolves and a full moon in a couple of days just in case the audience has not clued in. Yes, Scott is now a werewolf.

Scott has a crush on the new girl in school, Allison Argent (argent aka silver in French). Her dad is some kind of werewolf hunter. Scott receives guidance from Derek Hale, the town weirdo. He is also not particularly appreciated by class jock Jackson (Colton Hayes) not only because he is now the best player on the lacrosse team.

Teen Wolf addresses the usual teen angst questions like fitting in, dating, friendship, jealousy, etc etc. The episodes do milk minor events like the first lacrosse game a bit to fill air time but the show gets away with it most of the time. Well aware of its core audience, teens, the show features a good number of pretty boys and girls. The boys, especially star Tyler Posey, get to take off their shirts and show off their pecs a lot.

In terms of horror and gore, this show is in the middle of the pack. Nothing overly gruesome and most of it is suggested more than presented.

Teen Wolf Season One does ask for a generous dose of willing suspension of disbelief so that some plot points can work (for example the girl can walk into the guys' locker room any time after the game and it will be almost empty). It also slowly builds up the werewolf mytharc that includes the very strange Derek Hale.

Special features for Teen Wolf The Complete Season One DVD set include Extended season finale; Deleted, Alternate, and Extended Scenes; Gag Reel; Shirtless Montage; Meet the Cast; Love Bites!; and Behind the Scenes and Cast Commentary for some episodes.

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