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Documentary - The Red Thread - Omni 2 June 17th 9 PM and others

The Red Thread - Omni 2 June 17th 9 PM and others

The Red Thread is an interesting documentary that focuses on two teenaged Chinese girls, Vivian and Shumin. Vivian was adopted by a Canadian family from Toronto and Shumin was adopted by a Chinese family in a rural area of China. Vivian and her father travel to China to meet Shumin as they are connected by their history. The Red Thread airs June 17th at 9 PM on Omni 2 and Alberta and at 10 on Omni BC. It also airs in Mandarin June 24th at 9 PM on Omni 2

Though this documentary is presenteda look at the impact of China's one child policy, it is much more about the two very different girls and their cultures.

Shumin and Vivian could not be more different. Vivian is more an extrovert and has accepted her being adopted. Adoption is a sore point for Shumin because it is an issue with the people in her village and her school. Both girls are cherished and spoiled by their parents, Shumin much more visibibly so.

One is a little disappointed with how brief Vivian's visit to the orphanage she was adopted from is but it is visible she is affected by the experience.

The real interest in The Red Thread is in the cultural differences more than in the topic of adopting Chinese girl babies. This is why this documentary, though interesting, does not fully deliver.

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