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Action - A Perfect World Blu-ray

A Perfect World Blu-ray

Kevin Costner, Clint Eastwood, T.J. Lowther
Directed by Clint Eastwood
Warner Home Video 2012

A Perfect World (1993) is one of those movies everyone remembers seeing the ending of –a kid dressed in a Casper the Friendly Ghost Suit-- is in a field with bleeding and dying Kevin Costner-- but do not quite remember seeing. The Blu-ray version of A Perfect World gives viewer the chance to revisit what is a very good coming of age, buddy movie, drama. Unfortunately there are no special features on this Blu-ray.

Butch Haynes (Costner) is one of two escaped convicts who take an eight-year-old boy named Phillip hostage and then hit the road. Stuff happens and Butch and Phillip develop a friendship as they drive up and down Texas roads and try to avoid roadblocks. On their tail is Texas Ranger Red Garnett (Eastwood) who has a personal connection with Haynes. Along for the ride is Laura Dern as a consultant.

Early on, A Perfect World is a movie about two cons, one violent, the other one less so. It then becomes a buddy movie when Butch and Phillip drive around Texas and Butch learns a bit more about Phillip who is now with Butch on his own free will.  There are some comic moments involving the Texas Rangers' mobile home office. The movie gets somber near the end as the chase nears an end.

There is something quite interesting in the very original and different relationship convict and young boy develop. T.J. Lowther (Phillip) is excellent as Phillip.  Butch Haynes is a very interesting and complex character and discovering who he is is part of the movie's interest.

This is a Clint Eastwood directed movie that often goes under the radar. You owe yourself the pleasure of seeing it at least once.

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