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Mainstream - Journey 2

Journey 2

Warner Home Video 2012

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island is proof that Dwayne Johnson can carry a movie and comfortably occupy the screen with the likes of Michael Caine (Alexander) and veteran  character actor Luis Guzman (helicopter pilot Gabato). That is not to say that Journey 2 The Mysterious Island is a great movie but it is a decent family movie and one which the younger set will watch repeatedly because it is funny and Dwayne Johnson is the glue that holds it all together. It isn’t the first time Johnson has been the glue in a movie he shared the burden with Vin Diesel in Fast Five and made Gridiron Gang, The Game Plan and Race to Witch Mountain all watchable. Johnson is a practically perfect actor for the family movie genre he is handsome, self deprecating, funny and disarming.

To be frank Journey 2 The Mysterious Island has so many holes in the plot it is almost like staring at a block of Swiss cheese. The best part about that though is that it just doesn’t matter. If you climb on board for this journey it is for the simple fun of the journey this is not high art it is eye popping fun. At the heart of the matter this is a bonding movie between step father Hank (Dwayne Johnson) and Sean (Josh Hutcherson – Hunger Games). When Sean receives an encrypted ham radio message from a Vernian, Hank helps him to decrypt the message and then agrees to take him on the journey to the Mysterious Island.

The breathtaking Vanessa Hudgens who play Kailani, Gabato’s daughter, says of the movie in one interview that it is a fun, fantasy filled adventure and you “just gotta go with it and go for the ride.” The movie is definitely in the tradition of the classic 1950’s 3D movie where the 3D is there to have some fun not just to look pretty. That being said those of us who prefer 2D are not disappointed by the amazing graphics especially in the rich Blu-Ray environment.

Journey 2 The Mysterious Island is definitely worth your time if you are a kid at heart and like this kind of adventure (guilty as charged) or if you have kids between the ages of five and twelve because they will watch this movie over and over again it really is that much fun. There is one slightly intense scene when Kailani is in a crypt but it is short lived and the end result, as one might expect from a family movie, is good.

This is a fun, watchable, family movie that deserves a place in the family collection.

Denis Bernicky

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