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Action - Bigfoot - The Space Channel June 30th 9 PM

Bigfoot - The Space Channel June 30th 9 PM

The SyFy movie Bigfoot premieres on Space Channel June 30th at 9 PM and will repeat a few times during July. You owe it to yourself to catch it a least once. Bigfoot is wonderfully atrocious. It stars Partridge Danny Bonaduce and Brady Barry Williams. It also features WKRP's Howard Hesseman, Twin Peaks' Sherilyn Fenn, and the great Alice Cooper. The special effects are just as good as the acting so you know what you are in for. This said Bigfoot knows it is low budget cheesy and uses that knowledge to good effect (Bonaduce's character is named Henderson –as in Harry and the-- and Williams' character's last name is Quail and referred to as the Jane Goodall of Bigfoot.)

Bonaduce plays a DJ operating out of Deadwood, South Dakota. He is organizing an 80's revival concert and needs to destroy a patch of forest to set up the stage. This wakes up Bigfoot who goes on a rampage. Williams plays a has-been one-hit wonder turned environmentalist who goes against Bonaduce. They will get into a too short fistfight and exchange witty repartee like “your breath stinks”

There are so many things wrong with Bigfoot you start to wonder how much of it is voluntary and how much is because of its low budget. The movie takes place in spring during a “freak snow storm” to explain why half the scenes are wintery and the other half features lush green lawns (sometimes in the same scene). Not that it matters. Bigfoot is at least twenty feet tall and can leap great distances but can barely catch up with someone rowing an inflatable boat.  Greg Brady goes after Bigfoot in a ultralight, yes, an ultralight.

You owe it to yourself to watch Bigfoot. You won't have that much fun watching a bad movie for a long, long time. It airs June 30th at 9 PM on the Space Channel.

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