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Action - Sinbad - Premieres July 8th 7 PM The Space Channel

Sinbad - Premieres July 8th 7 PM The Space Channel
The Space Channel
Sundays 7 PM
Premieres July 8th

The problem with getting a screener is you sometimes get hooked on the series. This is the case for Sinbad. Episode 1 premieres July 8th at 7 on The Space Channel and Season 1 will features 12 episodes. This is a British series from Sky 1

Elliot Knight plays Sinbad, a young man in his early twenties who scrounges around for a living with his brother. One way to raise money is to get into fights and win only when the odds are against him. One fight pits him against a future young emir and Sinbad accidentally kills him. The Emir's father wants justice. Stuff happens and Sinbad's mother curses him to never be able to set foot on land for more than one cycle of the sun until he has paid for his sins.

His first trip out is as a stowaway where he encounters some kind of water monster. It is possible something Sinbad did while he was in Malta is responsible for some of the darker manifestations he will encounter.

The show features lots of action, very interesting characters, and monsters. Naveen Andrews (of Lost fame) is stuck playing a stereotypical angry Arab sheik who is one of the baddies in this show.

Some of the CGI is rather low rent but can you really have a Sinbad without a few low budget features?

Sinbad is way cool and a lot of fun to watch. I am hooked.

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