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Action - The Almighty Johnsons - The Space Channel Mondays 9 PM

The Almighty Johnsons - The Space Channel Mondays 9 PM

The Almighty Johnson is a fantasy series out of New Zealand about Norse gods living in modern times. The pilot episode airs July 23rd at 9 PM on The Space Channel. The show is followed by season 2 of Alphas, a series about five superhumans who help out government agencies solve mysteries

It is hard to get a real feel for The Almighty Johnsons based on the pilot as it is very busy setting up all the characters, the villains, and setting up the backstory. The short and sweet version is Axl Johnson turns 21 and learns he is Norse god Odin. His cousin is his grandfather (didn't know Norse gods were rednecks, didyah?) and his brothers are other gods. He must complete the quest before he is killed and his whole family is also wiped out. The quest is to find Mrs. Right, a gal named Gaia.

A woman and her female minions is out to stop Axl because she does not want an all-male god system.

This is a promising idea. I hope the second show gets more action and such to keep the audience.

The show was renewed for a second season in New Zealand so that must mean something.

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