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Science Fiction - Alphas Season 2 begins July 23rd 10 PM

Alphas Season 2 begins July 23rd 10 PM
Alphas Season 2
The Space Channel
Begins July 23rd 10 PM

Season 2 of Alphas begins July 23rd at 10 pm on The Space Channel.You really need to read up on the Alphas mytharc if you are going to have any chance of figuring out who is who and what is what before the first season 2 episode ends. Thed mytharc also connects to two other series: Eureka and Warehouse 13. Overall, this is a decent show but in some ways all it is is X-Men style good superheros vs bad superheros without the costumes.

Alphas are humans with special abilities. The good ones are related to Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn), a psychologist who helps them control their power and live as normal a life as posssible. The baddies are followers of a man named Stanton Parish who seems to have been around for a long time.

Do not read further if you have not seen season 1 of Alphas.

The season opens with Rosen being detained in a psychiatric institution after going public with the existence of Alphas. Some Alphas are jailed in a special building. There is a revolt and the government frees Rosen in exchange for helping free some hostages. Some of the baddies go free and hook up with Stanton Parish.

I am not a patient enough viewer to get involved in a show that requires passing knowledge of two other shows. Even if I had started with season 1, I fail to see the overall interest of Alphas once you have figured it is a different version of a fairly old superhero series.

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