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Action - The Science of Doctor Who - The Space Channel Aug. 4th 9 PM

The Science of Doctor Who - The Space Channel Aug. 4th 9 PM
The Science of Doctor Who
The Space Channel
August 4th 9 p.m.

The Space Channel knows Doctor Who fans are impatient to see season seven. What better warm-up acts than four Doctor Who specials. The Science of Doctor Who airs August 4th at 9 p.m. This will be followed by The Women of Doctor Who on August 11h, The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who on the 18rd of August, and The Destinations of Doctor Who on the 25th. Based on advance screeners for the first two specials it is clear even a casual fan of the series or SF will find these fun and interesting. The show even reveals why the TARDIS is a blue Police box.

The Science Of Doctor Who has wow factor, especially its segment on cyborgs. Other segments are on the TARDIS, time travel, regeneration, aliens, cyborgs, the sonic screwdriver and K-9, and cloning.

The British scientists interviewed for this show examine what is possible and plausible. In the segment on cyborgs (Cybermen and Daleks) Professor Kevin Warwick shows an very small implant on his arm that remote controls a robotic hand. The demonstration is not real as Warwick is using his other hand to control the robotic one but you get the idea. Also interesting is the fact scientists can now imnplant rat brain cells on a microchip then inserted in problem solving robots.

The show also features various bit part actors and show runner Steven Moffat.

To satiate fan appetite The Space Channel will also be running marathons: Season Five will start Sunday August 5th and Season 6 will start August 12th. Both begin at 6 a.m.

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