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Science Fiction - The Women of Doctor Who - Space Channel Aug. 11th 9 p.m.

The Women of Doctor Who - Space Channel Aug. 11th 9 p.m.
The Women of Doctor Who
Space Channel
Saturday August 11th 9 pm

The Women of Doctor Who is one of four specials the Space Channel is airing in preparation for season 7 of this great SF series. This is a very entertaining show for even casual fans of the series as various people associated with the show (including Peter Davison, aka the fifth Doctor) look at the Doctor's female companions and what kind of characters women are in the series. This will be followed by The Timey Wimey of Doctor Who on August 18th and The Destinations of Doctor Who on August 25th, both at 9 pm. Fans of the show will want to note the Doctor Who Season 6 marathon starting Aug. 12th at 6 a.m.

This special is not only about the companions. It also looks at some interesting villains or semi-villains like Yvonne Hartman of Torchwood or Lady Cassandra and women like Idris who, it seems, is the Doctor's most faithful companion, and Sarah-Jane Smith.

Where The Women of Doctor is really interesting is it reminds viewers of certain one or two episode characters like Joan Redfern or Jennie. The real life connections between Jennie and the Doctors are a neat bit of factoid.

There is not really enough about the great River Song, probably the most complicated character in the entire series non-reboot included. There is an interesting reveal in that segment about the TARDIS sound.

Though there are a lot of spoilers for those who are not familiar with all six Doctor Who seasons, The Women of Doctor Who is definitely worth watching.

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