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Comic Books - Daredevil 16

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Click picture to buy from Amazon.com Author: Mark Waid (Author), Chris Samnee (Illustrator)
Marvel (2012)

There’s an undeniable quality in Mark Waid’s current run on Daredevil that every issue can be a good jumping on point for new readers. It’s a thing few modern comics achieve, but it’s also something which just may stop with this issue.

Daredevil 16 is the culmination of a story-arc in which the Latverian government imprisoned old hornhead for destroying a priceless piece of hardware. Latveria being the country ruled by Doctor Doom, noble dictator and long time arch foe of the Fantastic Four, the punishment can be nothing less than severe, cruel and high tech: A swarm of microscopic insect robots blocking his radar sense and making him truly blind. Thus, the job of getting inside his head, literally, falls to Hank Pym a.k.a Ant-Man.

The two main draws of this issue are the way Waid draws parallels in the stories of Hank Pym and Matt Murdock and the ending. The ending in which a shoe we all knew would drop drops: Foggy Nelson getting sick and tired of his partner’s behaviour and firing him from their law firm. What makes this shoe drop? That is something you must find out for yourselves.

As mentioned at the beginning this is your last chance to get on board with one of the best superhero series on the shelves.

Lambert Muir

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