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Comic Books - Eerie - Dark Horse Comics

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Dark Horse Comics (2012)

I love this title because it allows me to make use of the way back machine I cobbled together out of an old fridge and parts of that robot butler I had to dismantle because it gained sentience. That’s right; we’re talking about the new incarnation of an old horror comic magazine from the 1960s.

In 1964, Warren Publishing put out a horror anthology magazine called Creepy. At the time it was a way for Archie Goodwin, future legendary editor of DC Comics, to have a horror comic without being hassled by the then very strictly enforced Comic Book Code Authority that had been put in place ever since psychiatrist Frederick Wertham had blamed all of the comic book industry for corrupting the youth of America in his 1954 book Seduction of the Innocent. The comic was published in magazine format to avoid such censorship. It was common practice at the time, with Mad magazine being the best example, and for years after, with magazines like Savage Sword of Conan and Deadly Hands of Kung Fu. Obviously, a horror publication with grisly images of death and monsters gained a big and faithful readership and, in 1966, warranted a sister publication. While Creepy’s sordid stories of the macabre were presented by the grim, lanky and decrepit Uncle Creepy, Eerie’s bizarre yarns of science-fiction were presented by a stark opposite. Uncle Eerie was a joyful sort of creeper, portly and smiling, always up to shares a scare.

Unfortunately, the days of the anthologies passed by, creators left and both magazines went the way of the tomb.  There were, of course a few attempt at revivals, but nothing that had the life-giving spark of Archie Goodwin. In 2009 independent comic company Dark Horse Comics bought the rights to reprint all of Creepy and Eerie in hardcover collections. These proved such a success that Dark Horse went ahead and assembled some of horror and comics best to reboot Creepy.

Which brings us to the first issue of the new, biannual, Eerie, a thing of mind-bending and skin crawling science-fiction beauty. Four tales with a back cover by comic book legend Bernie Wrightson and the price tag of a single comic. They are short stories and going too much into details would maybe spoil the endings for the more genre savvy among you.

I recommend this title as well as Dark Horses’ Creepy, because I want to see a resurgence of anthologies and because the stories are varied enough that you should find one that will resonate with you.

Lambert Muir

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