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Action - Shaft Blu-ray

Shaft Blu-ray
Warner Home Entertainment 2012

Shaft is probably the most successful and famous Blacksploitation movie. These were low budget offerings starring mostly Black actors that usually took place in and around Harlem and indirectly addressed some social issue. Shaft is now perhaps best remembered for the Academy Award winning theme by Isaac Hayes and the remake with Samuel L. Jackson. The original is still a good movie though Black vs White undercurrent is dated.

Richard Roundtree stars as private eye Shaft. He is hired by a Black gang leader to find his daughter. The daughter has been kidnapped by some mobsters in retribution for something. Shaft enrolls the help of the movie's version of the Black Panthers and goes to the daughter's rescue. Somewhere in the mix is a white NYPD detective who sort of has Shaft's back.

Though the pacing is a bit slow, the atmospherics are quite good. Getting a look at early seventies 42nd Avenue and NYC in general is also fun. What carries Shaft is Roundtree's performance and the Isaac Hayes soundtrack.

Shaft Blu-ray features a ten minute Making Of, three threatrical trailers, and, only available on the Blu-ray, an episode from the very short lived TV series titled The Killing.

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