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Mainstream - The Complete Third Season: Glee

The Complete Third Season: Glee

Starring: Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison, Cory Monteith, Jane Lynch
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Aspect Ratio: 1.77:1
Number of discs: 4
Studio: 20th Century Fox
DVD Release Date: August 14, 2012
Run Time: 963 minutes

The Complete Third Season: Glee on Blu-Ray could be sub titled the year Glee jumped the shark. Those not familiar with the term, "jumped the shark" refers to a 1970's situation comedy called Happy Days and refers to a moment in the history of the show when one of the lead characters named Fonzi in the fifth season does a water ski jump over a shark. In general the expression means that a show has started a descent which is beyond recovery. The Complete Third Season of Glee enters that realm.  Where does the shark get jumped? It could be with Quinn Fabray going punk/gangster. The failed Fame type hot lunch jam in the first episode of the season. The painful appearance of Sugar Motta also in episode one could be a shark jumping moment but there isn't really enough of her to call it that.   It may have jumped when Blaine transfers to McKinley to be with Kurt. The unlikely appearance of Rory Flannagan in episode 4 could be chosen as a later jump the shark point if a viewer is willing to forgive the first episode so many problems. Some may even argue that Grilled Cheesus in the second season was when Glee jumped the shark but they are just being mean.

Saying Glee has jumped the shark does not mean it is unwatchable. Glee works because of the music. Kurt and Rachel's Wicked number in the first episode is awesome. Blaine's rendition of It's Not Unusual is excellent as is the curious inclusion of the Cheerios in a number which one boy is ostensibly singing to another boy. Fans of Lea Michele will be happy to know that Glee continues to be more or less the Lea Michele show with occasional songs by other artists. Dance fans and ergo fans of characters Mike Chang and Brittany S. Pierce will occasionally get to see them dance though not as much as either of them should be seen on screen.

The whole of Season 3 is a more of a mess than it has been in the previous two seasons. Glee is not your typical show just as a musical is not your typical movie. The plots of the various story arcs are frequently interrupted by musical numbers which is why Glee became a hit to begin with. Unfortunately it went from occasional plot device in season one to something quite different in season three. Understandably the music is the core of Glee but now the plot is about stringing the musical number together not so much about telling a story. The story really does take a back seat. Whether it is television or any other medium the story has to be the main part of the show when a show loses focus on that then it has jumped the shark.

Serious Gleeks will of course pay no mind to the mess. Glee remained a top rated show and continued to garner Emmy nominations in Season 3. The blu-ray will remain in my collection for the music but also for some of the extras. The most interesting character in Glee is also the most cartoonish: Sue Sylvester. The Ask Sue: World Domination Blog is absolutely precious as is the Return of Sue's Quips.  The Glee Jukebox bits are the best ways to watch Glee because you get all the music without the disjointed storylines.  Meet the Newbies is also a nice introduction to the new additions to the ever changing cast of Glee and does give one hope for the music. The Complete Third Season: Glee will of course make it into my personal collection as has everything else which has come out of the Glee product factory because I am a Gleek but if you are not a true, dyed in the wool Gleek then save this for a Xmas purchase for someone who is a Gleek.

Denis Bernicky

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