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Comic Books - Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel 2
Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Artist: Dexter Soy
Publisher: Marvel

The new Captain Marvel series was off to a good start with the first edition of the new series.

Carol Danvers is competent, fun and driven, which makes her an interesting character.

Author Kelly Sue Deconnick creates a more in depth portrait of Danvers than a simple cardboard cut out. Danvers’ hero was Helen Cobb. Cobb was a WW2 era pilot who broke records and with whom Danvers developed a student/mentor relationship. The first issue sees Danvers accepting the mantle of Captain Marvel and receiving the news that Cobb has died of old age. In this second issue, our hero takes her mentor’s T6 and tried to beat her altitude record. In doing so, Danvers travels back in time to 1943 and lends her help to the all female Banshee Squad.

This is your cue to go and get those two issues while they’re still on the shelves.

This is one of those great series, which, like Daredevil, are fun every issue. It may be a bit early to say this with Captain Marvel, but I’m saying it because I mean it. It’s also great to see a super heroine written by a woman.

Dexter Soy’s art is obviously created with heavy use of a computer, but he has a way with facial expression and movement that is truly human. His layouts are also pretty neat at times.

This is a book I want to pick up every month, but for those who like to buy their comics in trade paperbacks, Marvel has already announced the first 6 issues for November. I can’t recommend this book enough.

Lambert Muir

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