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Mainstream - Suburgatory Season One

Suburgatory Season One

22 episodes 3 DVD
Warner Home Entertainment 2012

It is not often a sitcom manages to be satirical without turning off the viewer by its meanness. Suburgatory is that show. This fish-out-of -the-water show is about single dad George who wants to protect his teen daughter Tessa from a whole bunch of evils so they move from New York City to a suburb called Chatwin.the yearly winner of the “Most Uniform Houses” award. Suburgatory The Complete First Season features 23 episodes on 3 DVD

George and Tessa find it hard to conform and fit in. George (Jeremy Sisto) has to deal with a bunch of housewives with too much time and not enough husband. Tessa (Jane Levy) has to fit in at school and a totally unfamiliar environment. One of the reasons Suburgatory works is George and Tessa have a believable father-daughter relationship and are likeable people. The suburbanites themselves though very weird are not all bad so there are a couple you end up liking in spite of how superficial they are.

Though Suburgatory  has just the right dose of sarcasm to make it funny without being irritating, not everything works in Suburgatory. Case in point, the guidance counselor who is worse than every single cliché teen movies attach to the job. The show also does not avoid teen show cliches like Dalia, the nastiest, dumbest, and most popular girl in school, and the lonely and mousy Lisa (Allie Grant of Weeds). Alicia Silverstone shows up near the season as a new recurring character named Eden.

Fortunately, the stories themselves are off the beaten path most of the time. In the Halloween episode George has to convince the neighborhood association to let him have a guillotine on his front lawn while Lisa and Malik, another unpopular student, decide to perform an exorcism on Tessa after she starts behaving like the dead girl  who used to have her bedroom. I've always believed the seasonnal episodes revel how strong a show really is; the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes are also very good.

I also appreciate that Suburgatory is an ongoing story so episodes are not independent of each other as if nothing happened last week.

Suburgatory is a very likeable sitcom.

Special features are deleted scenes, a twenty-minute feature on the show, and a seven-minute gag reel.

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