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Mainstream - Monsters Inside Me - Discovery Science starts Oct 12th 8 p.m.

Monsters Inside Me - Discovery Science starts Oct 12th 8 p.m.
Monsters Inside Me
Discovery Science
Begins Oct 12th 8 P.M.

Monsters Inside Me is a neat mix of mystery, horror, and medical oddities. Each episode features three stories of people who get a weird disease with bizarre symptoms or consequences. In one episode, a little girl gets an infection and will only eat cat food, a couple gets the bubonic plague, and another man has something eating his bowels. The victims themselves or their survivors testify as to what happened while doctors explain the disease. Monsters Inside Me returns to Discovery Science October 12th at 8 p.m.

What makes this show work is production values. The show animates the various viruses or bugs like roundworm, Ecoli, or the plague into creatures right out of a cool science fiction movie. The show also borrows from various low budget horror movie tricks like ominous and menacing shots of the family home and so on to sell the mystery.

The show's one weak point is the testimony of the patients, victims, or loved ones. They are all flat and non-emotional. This has to have been a decision on the show's producers and it is a rather bad one. Cold is as bad as over the top emotional. This said, they did let one of the patients get a good line in, “I was hooked up to every machine in that hospital except the vacuum cleaner.”

If you like disease shows and a little mystery too, Monsters Inside Me is something you'll enjoy.

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