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Comic Books - Uncanny Avengers 1

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Author: Rick Remender

It occurs to me that I don’t get involved with the core continuity of comic book universes as I did when I started reading comics. I don’t pay much attention to crossover summer events and I mostly stick to fringe titles like Animal Man, Hawkeye and Daredevil. Good thing there’s Marvel Now. What is Marvel Now? Simply Marvel doing what it’s best at, i.e. putting new creative teams on old characters while still keeping the same continuity that started when the Avengers first banded together to defeat Loki in 1963.

And what pushed Marvel into doing this? Last week’s ending of the crossover summer event Avengers vs. X-Men. What was AVX, as it was commonly referred to? A 12 parts series in which the cosmic being called the Phoenix came to Earth for the umpteenth time to find a new host body. This time, Scott Summers, aka Cyclops of the X-Men, thought he could harvest the power of the Phoenix to save mutantkind. In the end he went mad with power, killed Charles Xavier and ultimately proved that you can’t harvest the awesome power of a cosmic being made of space fire. On the bright side, there was a mutant baby boom.

And now on with our feature presentation.

Uncanny Avengers picks up less than a week after the events of AVX, with Wolverine giving his long time friend and mentor, Charles Xavier, a heartfelt eulogy. We are then shown Captain America and Thor coming to Alex Summers, aka Havok and Cyclops’ brother, with a proposition: Becoming the leader of a new Avengers team. The team would be comprised of both superheroes and mutants, in an effort to show an example of cooperation to the world. Later, at Xavier’s memorial monument, Rogue, everyone’s favorite Cajun mutant gal, confronts Scarlet Witch, daughter of Magneto and person responsible for one of the many mutant genocides in X-Men history, about her role in Charles’ death. Their argument is cut short by never-before-seen baddies stealing Professor X’ corpse. Who are these baddies working for? That would spoil the reveal and the best last page of a comic I’ve seen since I don’t know when.

There’s two things that make the comic worth buying for me and that’s the creative team. Rick Remender sets up every member’s reason to be on the team, their relationship with other members and the type of action we can expect. John Cassaday is one of the best artists we don’t seem much of. It has been too long since he was the artist on a book, doing mostly covers these past years, but this comic shows he hasn’t lost his touch. His art marries emotion and action very well. Some of the credit must got to his long time collaborator, colorist Laura Martin, who blows that much more life into the art. The lighting effects are what make these two a winning combination.

Lambert Muir

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