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Comic Books - Wolverine and the X-Men 18

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Author: Jason Aaron
Artist: Jorge Molina
Marvel Comics (2012)

I’ve wanted to write about this title for quite a while now. Why now annd with an issue tied to Marvel’s crossover summer event Avengers vs. X-Men?

Simply because of the main cast of students was killed in this 18th issue. And as I saw the poor child’s body lying on the ground I said: ‘‘No.’’


I could not accept this, no, it was horrible. I loved that character, that character was one of the funniest in the book. Why was I so upset!? It’s because Jason Aaron took the crazy concept of Wolverine becoming the headmaster of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and ran with it with the energy of a scruffy space dog chasing a monster truck. He made me care about every character, be it students or faculty members. He even made an interesting character out of the very ground on which the school is built: Krakoa, the son of the original living island. While some of the jokes did require you to know about the history of the X-men, most of the humour came from the characters and the situations they’d find themselves in. Like, say, Wolverine going to a space casino with a bratty psychic teen to get money to keep the school going. Even when it had to compose with the editorial restrictions imposed on much of the X-titles brought on by Avengers vs. X-men, the focus was always on the school.

A great comic Wolverine and the X-men is. Full of laughter, action, heart...And death. Death that really matter.

The X-men had a lot of incarnations over the years, from space adventurers to social workers, but my favorites were always when it was a story about a group of people trying to guide a new crop of kids through a world that feared and hated them and that’s probably why this title had me from the start. If you thought X-Men Evolution was the bomb growing up or are looking for a place to start reading X-men comics, I’d tell you to pick this comic book up in a heartbeat.

Lambert Muir

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