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Action - Rise of the Zombies - Space October 27th 10 P.M.

Rise of the Zombies - Space October 27th 10 P.M.
Rise of the Zombies
October 27th 10 P.M.

Rise of the Zombies is one kick-ass zombie feast. More than thirty zombies get wiped out in the first minute of this SyFy production and the body count keeps growing and growing and growin. Rise of the Zombies spares the viewer the set-up for the apocalypse and begins near the end when most of San Francisco has been infected and wiped out. Rise of the Zombies, produced by The Asylum, premieres Saturday October 27th at 10 p.m.  on Space. This is a particularly gory one so cooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!!

This is a low budget, made-for-TV movie but it is hard to tell aside from one special effect in  Lombard Avenue at the beginning of the movie. The premise is simple: a bunch of survivors are trying to find a cure and escape the zombies. The zombies in this movie are particularly clever, agile, and resourceful and this makes things much more interesting than what usually happens in this genre.

Also a plus is even veteran viewers of slice and dice epics will have a hard time predicting who buys it and how as the movie is not afraid to break a lot of the rules in terms who dies and who lives in this kind of movie.

The movie stars Mariel Hemingway and LeVar Burton researchers trying to find a cure. The cast also includes Danny Trejo and Chad Lindberg (Supernatural). The rest of the cast is also very solid. Another plus is there is not a bad scene or clumsy dialogue in this one.

Make sure you tune Space on Saturday October 27th at 10 p.m. Make sure you have plenty of munchies to 'cause the zombies sure do.

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