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Mainstream - Canada s Worst Driver - Discovery Canada starts Oct 29th

Canada s Worst Driver - Discovery Canada starts Oct 29th
Canada s Worst Driver Season 8
Discovery Channel
Mondays 10 P.M.
Starts Oct 29

It is no coincidence the eighth season of Canada's Worst Driver begins a couple of days before Halloween. These people are scary, real scary. Watching this show is like driving slowly by the scene of an accident: you just can't stop yourself from doing it. It is also a lot of fun to watch. The first episode of season 8 of Canada's Worst Driver airs Monday October 29th at 10 P.M on the Discover Channel.

Eight drivers have been nominated by friends and family as the worst driver in the country. These eight have come to Niagara Falls to a testing area where they can demonstrate their lack of skills. Every week, one of these so-called drivers will be released onto an unsuspecting and soon crashed into public.

The candidates are an eighteen year old asshole who thinks he knows everything, a guy who as a glass eye, a woman whose backseat driving husband is probably a worse driver than she is, a woman who bribed the guy who gave her her driving test so she could pass, a guy who is so stressed when he drives that he is losing his hair over it, a guy who got a speeding ticket for driving too slowly, a woman who has not a single demerit left, and a woman from Quebec who uses the F-bomb more frequently than a rookie stand-up comic.

The first episode of Canada's Worst Driver Season 8 has the candidates go through an obstacle course to show how bad they are. If you like cars, you are not going to watch what happens to the brand new powder blue Mustang they have to drive.

If you watch the first show, you'll keep tuning in to the Discovery Channel Mondays at 10 just to see what happens.

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