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Horror - Kill Me Now - Opens December 5th 2012

Kill Me Now - Opens December 5th 2012
Kill Me Now
Michael Swain, Jacob Reed
Directed by Travis Long
Independent Release
Opens December 5th 2012

Kill Me Now is an indie low budget movie –if a million is low budget that is-- about a bunch of teenagers at a party and a killer out to kill them. As these things go it is decent enough. Kill Me Now has the usual weak points of an indie production such as only somewhat talented actors in the late twenties trying to pass for teens, rather cliché characters, weak writing and dialogue, and lowbrow humor. Then again, fans of the genre are used to things like that. If you are interested in Kill Me Now you can ask for a screening in your town through tugg.com.

A couple of jocks attract the attention of a British psychopath pest controller (Brett Fancy). He follows them and their nerd nemesis to a cabin in the woods where Claire,who used to date one of the nerds, is having a party.

There are a few scenes involving a lot of sophomoric humor before the Driller Killer finally strikes. He is of the kind who likes to practice trepanning on his victims. There are a lot of scenes with characters screaming their lines for some reason.

There are plot holes large enough to drive a truckload of trucks through. One is thirty adult looking teenagers are unable to confront one guy with a circular saw. Another is the killer tries to saw his way through the cabin door when there are bay windows all around the place.

In the end, Kill Me Now is fun enough.

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