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Mainstream - The Ramen Girl

The Ramen Girl

The Ramen Girl is a unique movie. It tells of the story of a somewhat ditsy girl named Abby who goes to Tokyo to join her boyfriend and immediately finds herself left behind. She finds shelter in the neighborhood ramen shop and the comfort the food brings her makes her want to become a ramen chef. The problem is one must train with an approved ramen chef and chef Maezumi is not an easy man to please.  The battle of wills between student and sensei and Abby's growth as a person and chef are a the core of what The Ramen Girl is about.

There is also a side story involving a Blanche Dubois type character and one involving a Japanese guy who falls for Abby (the late Brittany Murphy).

The ending is a bit abrupt with a couple of loose ends you do not quite get.

Though not quite a comedy and not quite a drama, The Ramen Girl works as both. It is one of those movies you very much enjoy and keep around for when you are in the mood for something different that will make you feel good in the end.

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