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Science Fiction - Robot Combat League - Space Tuesdays 10 p.m.

Robot Combat League - Space Tuesdays 10 p.m.
Robot Combat League
Premieres Feb 26th at 10

You have to watch this. You really have to watch this. You really really have to watch this. This is beyond anything ever done robot wise on TV EVER. It is way way way way way cool.  Robot Wars meets Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots in the new Space channel series Robot Combat League. This is a show with something for everybody and with a lot more if you have a modicum of testosterone. Aside from how much fun it is to watch, the most notable thing about this tech combat show is how many women are involved and that none of them are just there for eye candy. If ever there was a show to recruit more women in the engineering fields Robot Combat League is it. The show premieres Tuesday February 26th  at 10 p.m on Space

Robot Combat League pits 12 teams competing against each other to win a cool looking trophy, 100 grand, and the title of Ultimate Robot Fighter (or something). Each team has an athlete of some kind who remote controls the more than life-size robot through an exo-suit and an engineer who makes sure the oil gets changed and so on. One team member controls the top half or the robot and the second controls the legs.

There are 12 totally different robots. Each has a cool name and strong points and weaknesses. Whoever designed these bots certainly has an eye for eye-catching and intimidating design and a flair to toss in a few nods to famous scifi bots –one of them looks like Wall-E in a roll cage.

The first episode  introduces the robots and teams of two as well as a prelim round to determine the order in which the robots and their two-person human team will compete. This really tests the team members' mettle as there is no test run before hand to even try the controls. They get two days to prepare before the first real fight. Each fight consists of 3 two-minute rounds with time between each round for repairs if possible.

Robot Combat League airs Tuesdays on Space beginning February 26th at 10 p.m

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