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Science Fiction - Stranded - Space Wednesdays at 10 starting Feb. 27th

Stranded - Space Wednesdays at 10 starting Feb. 27th
Wednesdays 10 p.m.
Premieres Feb 27th.

The only thump in the night associated with Stranded is the show falling flat  Wednesdays at 10 on Space. Until a ghost actually kills or injures a participant and is then successfully tried in court (It it doesn't fit, you must acquit?) it will always be very difficult to take any haunted house reality show seriously.  All shows like Stranded are alike: green footage from night vision cameras and black and white footage from surveillance cams all of which would not make the cut in a first semester film school class. The variation with Stranded is three civilians are sent to a spooky place and left there for a week (insert Twilight Zone theme here).

You have to wonder what kind of moronidiots were recruited for this show. In the first episode, filmed at Star Island, NH the very first thing the participants say is “Oh, this is creepy.” and “I am getting goosebumps.” and that is even before they get into the haunted place. Wow, talk about suggestible. Other shows feature other supposedly haunted places including one in Rhode Island, one in B.C, and a penitentiary in West Virginia.

Once inside, one of the two girls says, “Every step you take you feel there is someone behind you.” The other girl is behind her with a camera and a flashlight. Duh!

They are of course equipped with all the latest ghosbusting pseudotechnology like EMF meters and so on and we know THAT stuff is reliable. Of course, nobody thought about turning the power on (though there are working floodlights on the outside of the building) or bringing decent lighting so all they have is camping lanterns and pencil flashlights. The Rhode Island gang figures out getting the lights on is the first thing to do.

Aside from all the credibility problems, Stranded's biggest weakness is lousy audio quality. Too often you can barely hear the participants / contestants speak. I doubt they are saying anything particularly brilliant but it would be fun to hear whatever it is they have to say.

Of course, the ghosts are smart enough to spook the participants just in time for a commercial break.

I get the feeling Stranded came packaged with another show Space really wanted and they figured Wednesdays at 10 was a good time slot to toss a show like this in. To the show's credit, the second one in Rhode Island is better.

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