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Documentary - Kalahari - Africa episode 1 - Discovery World March 17th

Kalahari - Africa episode 1 - Discovery World March 17th
5-part documentary
Discovery Channel
Premieres Sunday March 17th 9 p.m.

A series like the Discovery World's Africa is what a big screen high-definition TV was really made for. It is the only way to really appreciate this gorgeous (and informative) documentary. Africa is a 5 part series which premieres Sunday March 17th at 9 p.m. Based on the first episode, Kalahari, any nature and animal lover will make a point of watching this series.

The Kalahari is a semi-arid desert in Southern Africa. This documentary looks at various parts of this 900,000 square km region. The episode opens at an oasis where an old bull fends off a young male giraffe for the favors of a female. The old bull has a clever trick up his neck.

Fans of Meerkat Manor will enjoy the segment involving the drongo bird and his ability to mimick certain calls. Another segment features an encounter between a wasp and a Golden Wheel spider that has an unusual form of escape.

No self-respecting documentary is complete without a really weird animal. Here it is the armored ground cricket, a army of which goes after some birds nests.

A couple of firsts are featured in this episode. One is a too short visit to the underground cavern lake of Dragon's Breath Cave. Another is a nightvision scene of a gathering of rhinoceros.

The only weak point to this series is the narration (by Forest Whitaker) is a bit jerky with incomplete sentences and too long pauses. Then again, I am used to David Attenborough writing and pacing.

Other episodes in this series will include Savannah March 24th, Congo March 31st, Cape April 7th, and Sahara April 14th. All at 9 p.m. On Discovery World

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