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Documentary - Dog Dazed - CBC Doc Zone March 21st 9 p.m.

Dog Dazed - CBC Doc Zone March 21st 9 p.m.
Dog Dazed
CBC Doc Zone
Thursday March 21st 9 p.m.

Dog Dazed is an interesting and informative or informative and interesting, whatever, documentary about the importance of dogs in North American society. I am sure cat lovers (aka single women) will find much to object to here but there is something to be said about how important dogs have become to humans and this documentary explains why that is. Dog Dazed airs on CBC Doc Zone Thursday March 21st at 9 p.m and if you were out walking Fido –are there really dogs named Fido?-- repeats on CBC News Net March 23rd at 11 p.m and March 24th at 6 p.m.

There are 87 million dogs in North America. In 2010 38 million households had kids while 43 million had dogs. There are 74 million children in the U.S and they are outnumbered by 78 million dogs. Dog Dazed looks at the consequences of the dog's popularity such as 30,000 tons of doggie doo per day and a 2011 University of Colorado study that revealed there are dog feces related bacteria in the air of major cities.

Dogs have become man's best friend because they make eye contact and look at us pretty much like we look at them. They are also very sensitive to our smells and hormones to the point they create stress hormones when we do.

Our fascination with dogs has created a few issues addressed by this very good documentary. These include leash laws, conflicts between nature lovers and dog owners, conflicts between people and those who do not poop scoop, and between dog lovers and those who live next to what becomes a popular dog park to name a few.

There is even a short segment on people who prefer to be buried in the pet cemetery along with their pet and a short segment with a dog expert on choosing the right dog.

There is a lot more to Dog Dazed and you most certainly will enjoy all of it.

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