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Science Fiction - Orphan Black - Premieres March 30th 9 p.m. on Space

Orphan Black - Premieres March 30th 9 p.m. on Space
Orphan Black
Saturdays at 9 p.m.
Premieres March 30th

Orphan Black is a Canadian production set in Generictown starring a Canadian actress playing Sarah, a woman with a British accent who becomes an American accented detective as well as a few other characters with an accent who all just happen to look exactly the same. The looking the exactly the same is a major part of the plot in what seems to be a thriller with SF ties. Orphan Black  premieres on Space Saturday March 30th at 9 p.m. The pilot episode really did not convince me to keep watching.

Sarah is an orphan who arrives in town wanting to reconnect with her daughter who is in foster care with the same woman who took care of her. She crosses path with her doppelganger a minute before the latter throws herself in front of a train. Sarah takes the woman's purse and discovers Beth really does look exactly like her. Wanting a new life, Sarah takes over Beth's identity. Unfortunately, Beth is a cop who is suspended for shooting a civilian. It also seems there are a few other Sarahs and Beths out there. One of which shows up near the end of the first episode.

Sarah's foster brother Felix (who also has a British accent) helps Sarah by identifying Beth's body as Sarah. This also gets Sarah off the hook with her drug dealer boyfriend from whom she stole a lot of coke. Unfortunately Felix is nothing but your stereotypical gay hustler character and the drug dealer boyfriend is even less believable than a TV version of a drug dealer.

There are also a few details that just go KLUNK. One is Sarah leaving a briefcase containing a pile of cash in the trunk of her luxury car after parking the car in an obviously seedy neighborhood.

I am not a fan of shows that want be really clever but don't quite have the smarts to carry it out.

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