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Mainstream - Shameless The Complete Second Season Blu-ray

Shameless The Complete Second Season Blu-ray

Shameless Season 2 Blu-ray
Aired on Showtime 2012
Warner Home Video 2013

I was quite pleased to learn this January Showtime had renewed Shameless for a fourth season. There are few TV shows that are both consistently funny and consistently dark. Season 2 of Shameless features 12 episodes and covers a summer in the life of a family in Chicago's South Side called the Gallaghers. There are some as many over-the-top funny as hell moments in this show as there are dark, rather depressing scenes. That is what makes this show work.

The Gallaghers are nominally headed by the father, Frank (William H. Macy) a lifelong alcoholic out to beat the system and live off anybody who will let him. This leaves his twenty-something daughter Fiona (Emmy Rossum) in charge of the four other Gallagher children. Her friend, neighbor, and co-worker sometimes help and with her husband is part of the larger family.

The basic plot line is what new trick Frank is up to and how Fiona is coping but there is much more to the show than that including storylines involving a teenage father to be, gay teenagers, an adoption scam, a woman with agoraphobia, Frank's bipolar wife, and Frank's convict mother just released from jail.

There is something in every show that will shock, surprise, and probably send you in hysterics. My favorite from season 2 happens after the agoraphobic woman Frank is sponging off of achieves a breakthrough much to Frank's dismay.

The one annoying thing in Shameless is the amount of nudity for the sake of nudity. I am not at all a prude and this is a cable TV show but there are quite a few scenes involving naked or semi-naked characters, some of them seniors, that have no real justification other than showing ass or tits.

Deleted scenes, features about the show, and a Christmas music video are the rather banal special features for Shameless Season 2 Blu-ray.

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