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Documentary - Bomber Boys - Discovery World May 5th 8 p.m.

Bomber Boys - Discovery World May 5th 8 p.m.
Bomber Boys
Discovery World
Sunday May 5th 8 p.m.

Bomber Boys is a documentary featuring British film star Ewan McGregor and his pilot brother Colin. The documentary is mostly about the story of British Bomber Command during WWII but sometimes becomes a bit of fluff as we are also shown Colin McGregor getting ready to fly the last operational Lancaster bomber in England. It also looks into modern bombing techniques with a sidetrip to Afghanistan where 617 Squadron is now active.

Bomber Boys also serves as a too quick history lesson of Bomber Command, the fighting force that perhaps saved England. It was the force's Lancaster bombers, its pilots, and the huge payloads the planes were able to deliver fairly accurately that set the Germans back on their heels a bit.

This film is most interesting when the McGregor brothers talk to men who flew the Lancasters and when Colin McGregor gives a tour inside the Lancaster to show just how little room the pilot and crew had and how difficult it would be to bail out if something happened.

The documentary also mentions, perhaps too briefly, the role of the force's commander, Arthur “Bomber” Harris.

It also addresses the issue of should Bomber Command have gone for civilian targets such as the firebombing of Hamburg after it realized bombing industrial sites was only temporary as those could be replaced.

Overall, this is an interesting documentary but it has a few too many moments where the viewer can go look in the fridge for something without missing much of the show.

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