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Action - Revenge For Jolly!

Revenge For Jolly!

Revenge For Jolly!
Brian Petsos, Oscar Isaac
Directed by Chad Harbold
Sony Pictures 2013

Revenge For Jolly is not quite the dark comedy it tries to be. There is a certain Tarantino tone to this story about two losers who go on a killing rampage to avenge the death of a small dog but director Chad Harbold does not have the ear for comedy nor the leading actors to pull off what he is aiming for. In the end, Revenge For Jolly is an entertaining but not particularly memorable movie where lots of people get shot.

Harry (Brian Petsos) owes money to a bad guy named Bachmeir.  After having supper with his cousin Cecil (Oscar Isaac) and his girlfriend, Harry gets home and finds his miniature pinscher hanging from the ceiling. Distraught, Harry enlists his cousin and they go looking for Bachmeir. This, for some reason, involves shooting a whole bunch of people who gives them information as to where Bachmeir is.

There is little logic to this movie. Partly because it is meant as a dark comedy so anything that happens happens because it is supposed to be darkly funny. The thing is the writing is not good enough to make these loser characters interesting and the directing is not good enough to make the pointless violence anything more than pointless violence.

If you are in the mood for a Tarantino knockoff, Revenge For Jolly is not a particularly bad choice.

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