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Science Fiction - Doctor Who 120 - Peter Davison - The Visitation (Special Edition)

Doctor Who 120 - Peter Davison - The Visitation (Special Edition)

Doctor Who The Visitation Special Edition
Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton
4 Episodes 2 DVD
Originally aired 1982
BBC Video 2013

Maybe I am imagining things but I do not think I am mistaken in thinking the picture quality of the more recent Doctor Who BBC DVD is clearly superior to what was previously available and I am comparing shows from similar vintage. One thing that is certain is the special features on recent releases are plentiful enough to make even the most difficult Whovian more than happy (details at the bottom of this review). This is the case for the 2 DVD Special Edition of The Visitation, story 120 in the Doctor Who series and one of the first with Peter Davison.

The Visitation is one of the better original series Doctor Who stories. The Doctor lands the TARDIS at Heathrow so Tegan can return home. Unfortunately, he is 300 years too early. This puts the crew in the middle of a plague epidemic. The Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa, and the always annoying Adric discover that theirs is not the only ship in the neighborhood. Some Terileptils have crash-landed, taken over a mansion and the minds of a few locals and have, of course, a nefarious plan the Doctor must defeat.

Aside from an overwhelming desire on the part of the characters to get captured one after the other and again and again, this story moves along at a pretty good pace. The addition of a character named Richard Mace, an actor / highwayman with a definite style adds a lot to the adventures.

The Terileptils are another bunch of actors, well, one mostly, in rubber lizard suits (with a fish tail) but this time around the lizard suit is pretty decent, especially if you compare it to the lizards in the Peladon adventures.

Doctor Who Story 120 The Visitation with Peter Davison is one of the good ones.

Special features for Doctor Who The Visitation include audio commentary with Peter Davison, Janet Fielding (Tegan), Sarah Sutton (Nyssa), Matthew Waterhouse (the always annoying Adric), and director Peter Moffat. There is also a 45-minute feature titled Grim Tales and a 32-minute visit to BBC Television Centre where the show was filmed. The 2 DVD set also includes Doctor Who Forever – The Apocalypse Element which draws a history of the records and CDs of Doctor Who adventures; Peter Moffat's  take on Directing Who (26 minutes), the story behind the writing of The Visitation, the story behind the music for this episode, and production notes available as subtitles (way cool).

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