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Science Fiction - In The Flesh - Space - May 18th and 25th, June 1st 10 p.m.

In The Flesh - Space - May 18th and 25th, June 1st 10 p.m.
In The Flesh
May 18, 25th 10 p.m.
June 1st 10 p.m.

In the Flesh is an original and very entertaining three-part BBC series about a rehabilitated zombie, er, person suffering from Partially Deceased Syndrome named Kieren and the difficulties he has adapting to his new life, er, half life as well as reintegrating the small community of Roarton where he is from. In The Flesh is not really a zombie product in the traditional dead people on a rampage but it does raise some interesting questions about integration, second comings, and whether zombies should play the Game of Life. Hardcore zombie fans will probably recognize the premise of rehabilitated zombies but the idea is still, er, fresh enough and the series has some interesting versions.

One of the great things about In The Flesh is it is a three episode show so you do not have to commit long term to it. It also has a very good sense of humor such as when Kieren's parents ask him to pretend eat during the family supper.

There are a few interesting side stories such as the fact Kieren's sister is a member of the HVF, the vigilante group that defended Roarton against the zombie attacks. The local preacher is a fire and brimstone kind of guy who has an agenda of his own. Another member of the HVF kills a PDS sufferer (aka Rotter) but then finds out … well, let's not spoil things.

There is also the Undead Liberation Army, an underground movement to free the PDS sufferer from the treatments they are forced to receive in the belief zombies are part of the end of times and so on.

Will Kieren adapt to his new lifestyle? How will his boyfriend react to his new pale complexion or his new make-up skills. Will Kieren be able to overcome the flashbacks he has of his zombie days?

If you enjoy a good SF show, British humor, and / or zombies, In The Flesh airs Saturdays may 18th, 25th, and June 1st on Space. You can check out the website at space.ca for more information

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