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Science Fiction - Doctor Who - The Snowmen

Doctor Who - The Snowmen

Doctor Who The Snowmen
Matt Smith, Jena-Louise Coleman
BBC Home Entertainment 2013
59 minutes

The Snowmen is the Christmas 2012 Doctor Who special episode. It reintroduces the Doctor's most interesting companion, Clara Oswald, who appeared the first episode of the seventh season of Doctor Who. Though it helps if you are familiar with the events leading to this midseason episode, lack of that knowledge certainly does not hinder enjoying what is one of the two best special episodes of the new Doctor Who series. Instant download stream at Amazon.

It is Christmas Eve 1892 and it is snowing. A carniverous looking snowman pops up out of nowhere, intriguing a barmaid / governess named Clara. She is rescued by a mysterious man and then follows him around. Clara knows this mysterious man is special. The Doctor soon figures out Clara Oswald is also a very unusual person.

The Snowmen also features some recurring secondary characters. These include Strax, a Sontaran, a Silurian named Madame Vastra and her companion Jenny Flint who are posing as Holmes and Watson. These three will be familiar to fans of the series as they were introduced season six in A Good Man Goes to War.

The Christmas 2012 episode is another variation on nasty creatures invading earth using some kind of Christmasy tie-in guise. What really makes it work is a somewhat the now reclusive Doctor and, mostly, the Clara Oswald character. The episode also cleverly sets up the second half of Doctor Who Season 7.

Special features for Doctor Who The Snowmen Blu-ray or DVD include three short features: Clara's White Christmas, Vastra Investigates, and The Great Detective.

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