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Mainstream - Steel Magnolias - Queen Latifah

Steel Magnolias - Queen Latifah

Steel Magnolias
Queen Latifah, Condola Rashad
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2013
90 minutes

Diehard fans of the original version of Steel Magnolias will probably nitpick some fault with this new version starring Queen Latifah, Condola Rashad, and Alfre Woodard. It is wrong to call the 2012 version of Steel Magnolias a remake as it is quite different from the original in many ways. This new adaptation was, according to IMDB, the idea of author Robert Harling who wondered what an all-Black cast would give. This Steel Magnolias features a great blend of comic and pathos, wonderful characters, great acting, and is just the right length at 90 minutes.

Steel Magnolias opens with the wedding of Shelby (Condola Rashad) and Jackson. She and her mother go to the local hair salon where the local characters always gather. The salon is a central part of this movie. It is where some of the funniest scenes and the most dramatic scene takes place. Some time later, Shelby tells her mother she is pregnant. This news does not go over very well at first as Shelby is diabetic and her kidneys are very weak. This eventually leads to the most dramatic developments in the story.

This 2012 adaptation of Steel Magnolias has as many great lines as is has dramatic moments and characters. A favorite is “Poor Sammy, he doesn't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt”. The ladies in the salon have quite a sharp tongue when they want to but also provide a very supportive environment for one another.

If you like a good drama that doesn't wallow and has quite a few laughs at the same time, this Steel Magnolias is a must see.

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